Jan 16, 2017 Whether this is a problem depends on how you plan on using your console. According to the Joy-Con controller's product description, battery life.... Jul 23, 2019 Nintendo no longer charging for Switch Joy-Con repairs, will issue refunds ... If a customer requests a refund for a previously paid Joy-Con repair [] ... your joycons every so often so dust doesnt get in along with food crumbs.... Jul 24, 2019 Nintendo will not charge for Joy-Con repairs and will refund those who paid to have their controllers fixed, according to a leaked memo.... Aug 1, 2017 A new update for the Switch aims to fix a problem with the way the battery displays how much charge is available. According to the update,.... But truthfully, Nintendo should offer a recall for left Joy-Con and provide new, up to snuff units. They probably won't as they're riding high on the Switch launch, and the dedicated ... Eh, it's just one more accessory they can charge us for. ... The main problem of the PS4 was the faulty HDMI port, no idea if they fixed it but it.... Mar 29, 2019 But there arises a problem that needs to be dealt with in order to enjoy the prime gaming time and that is the charging of the Nintendo switch.. Apr 25, 2020 Anyone having issues with you AC joycons not charging?? All of the sudden today mine won't charge when attached to my console? The right.... Jan 16, 2017 Instead, users will need to attach the peripherals to the console and dock it to charge or purchase the Joy-Con Charging Grip for $29.99.. Mar 8, 2017 If you're one of the many Nintendo Switch owners suffering from JoyCon disruption, these tips may help you fix the issue. 538a28228e

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